For Summer 2024, we will be evolving our class enrollment system to support the phases of transformation at AntiGravity Orlando. We’re excited to unveil our new approach to more exclusive aerial arts training by replacing the traditional drop-in system with a more structured membership. This will enable students to select their training path based on individual goals and aspirations.

To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll introduce this exclusivity into our system over the coming months. Members will have the option to upgrade to the new membership structure, granting access to training programs tailored to individuals desired discipline or skill set. This will require all students to set up a Class Pass Package to pay for classes, with the option to transition to our more convenient auto-pay system.

This tailored approach empowers our members to take ownership of their aerial journey, allowing individuals to pursue their passion and develop unique style at their own pace. Whether one’s dream is to perform, compete in aerial competitions, or simply experience the joy of flying, our exclusive training programs are designed to support and nurture their aspirations every step of the way.


Our “Summer” phase of transformation will START ON MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2024, which will impact both existing and new students. Please be aware of the following changes:


We will no longer offer single drop-in classes as a payment option at AntiGravity. This will require all students to set up a Class Pass package to pay for classes starting June 3rd, with package options ranging from our smallest Bronze package (4 classes at $76.00) to our largest Diamond package (24 classes at $312.00) -see more prices here. Note that our “Auto-Pay” option must be set up in person at AG Front Desk during business hours, if you prefer convenient reoccurring 4-week automatic payments.

Class Pass Packages have always been (and will continue to be) available to AG Registered Student Members only. To purchase this Membership, visit our online store and pay the $25.00 Registration Fee. This will unlock package options that are only viewable by AG Registered Students.


Students must reserve and pay for class online prior to arrival. We will be encouraging more consistency with your choice of classes to attend, and we will be discouraging “sampling” classes as much as possible. We suggest committing to a specific class and making reservations up to 4 weeks in advance. This will guarantee your spot in upcoming classes, specific to the needs of committed students.

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