‘X’ Fly Track Rigging System

AntiGravity’s ‘X’ Fly Track is constructed from 2 Fly Tracks that cross in the center creating a right angle intersection, resembling an ‘X-shape’ overhead supported by 4 legs. This innovative rigging system is unique to AntiGravity, providing a thrilling new way to fly aerial performers that audiences will never forget. The ‘X’ Fly Track allows up to 8 total performers to fly both vertically and horizontally through space simultaneously, each capable of spinning 360 degrees. Aerialists can perform group acts on this fly system in new incredible ways, such as rotating positions by sliding across the Fly Track as if performing dance choreography (blocking). 2 tracks enable the performers to crisscross back & forth past each other, and also up & down. Almost any aerial apparatus can be used with this rigging system including but not limited to harness, silk, hammock, bungee, etc.