Interview with AntiGravity Assistant Program Director – Sarah Ivory Reece

Interview with AntiGravity Assistant Program Director – Sarah Ivory Reece


Payroll Supervisor and Assistant Program Director

Sarah has over 28+ years of combined training and professional work in dance and aerial arts. At a young age she started her dance training with The Dance Place, LTD in Waterford, MI before graduating from Western Michigan University with a BA in Fine Arts. After college she then moved on to dance professionally for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and then Tokyo Disneyland before returning back to RCCL as a Dance Captain.

To challenge herself more Sarah then moved to Orlando, FL to train in aerial silk and lyra before then becoming a company member and instructor with AntiGravity Orlando. With AntiGravity Sarah has been given the opportunity to perform on many aerial apparatuses all over the world, co-choreograph for shows, and help mold future professional aerialists.

Secondary Roles: Senior Casting Advisor, Senior Aerial Coordinator 

Currently, Sarah is employed as an Equity dancer at Walt Disney World performing in shows such as Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration, and Club Villain.

What is your background? (Dance, gymnastics, etc.?) 

I grew up dancing as a child then went on to graduate from Western Michigan University with a BA in Dance. I’ve dance professional for over 18 years with Six Flags Great America, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Tokyo Disneyland & Universal Studios Orlando. For the past 9 years I’ve been an Actors Equity Dancer for Walt Disney World. I currently perform in Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire in Magic Kingdom.

How long have you been doing aerial arts?

I started of as a student myself over 10 years ago. Then progressed to a performer with AntiGravity before then transitioning to an instructor as well. 

What is your favorite class and apparatus?

My favorite apparatus to perform is dancing bungee. It’s intense, exciting and a crowd pleaser! 

However, my favorite apparatus to teach is any choreography class on any apparatus. I love getting the chance to create and inspire through aerial movement. 

How did you discover AntiGravity Orlando NTF?

I first found out about AntiGravity as a teenager through my dance magazines. Antigravity was on the cover and I remember thinking how amazing it would be to be like those women on the cover. Strong, artistic and creative athletes dancing in the air! 

How long have you been teaching ?

I’ve been teaching with AntiGravity for about 7 years. 

How do you create choreography?

My choreography is completely based of musicality. I find the song first then listen to it over and over again. As I’m listening I envision the movement that matches the phrases of the music. From there I pick the skills. Honestly, the music usually tells me what to do. Which I find to become a sort of collaboration between music and movement. 

Favorite or most memorable act/performance?

This is a tough question as all of the acts I’ve created are special to me. However, a recent creation stands out to me not only because of the choreography or apparatus but because of the love and passion the performers have for the piece. If you know it then I’m sure you’ve guessed it – “Welcome to the Jungle”!

What/who inspires you?

Inspiration comes from many places. I’m inspired by music, pop culture, art history, dance history and techniques to name a few. But the most important inspiration is my students. I love creating with them to make something they are proud and love to perform. It’s not my job to just create what I like but to create something they will be passionate about. 

Tell me about your  favorite performance experience with AntiGravity. 

I’ve been very fortunate to be a performer with AntiGravity for over 8 years. With AntiGravity I’ve traveled the world performing many signature acts. However, I think my favorite project I’ve been a part of was right here in Orlando. We created choreography and performed in Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights in Jack’s Carnival of Carnage. It was awesome, dark and sexy! 

Any tips for aspiring performers?

Find what you love and create what you love. If you find it then you are one of the lucky ones. 

Favorite book or movie?

Favorite all time movie is “White Christmas”. I could watch that movie anytime of the year. I find it so beautiful and the dance scenes are perfection. Followed by “The Great Gatsby” book and movies. Classic and New.