Check out AntiGravity’s NEW September Class Schedule, which begins on Tuesday Sept 8! We’ve added a variety of exciting classes AND new instructors. 

 Below are 2 highlighted classes, featuring new instructors: Kristy Graziano & Caitlin Reichel. Sign-up online in advance through MindBody: Visit Mind Body


SILK DROPS!  (Tuesdays @ 8:30pm w/ Kristy Graziano)
This class will build on material learned in previous silk classes, with the focus mainly being crowd-pleasing dynamic drops! The class is designed for upper-level students working toward mastering aerial silk technique and interested in taking their knowledge of interesting drops, slides & inverted transitions to the next level. Students will first review the basic components of inverted positioning, then progress to more challenging & creative sequences involving silk drops.

LEVEL 3/4: This is an Intermediate/Advanced Level class. Adults ages 12+ years. (Students ages 10-12 require special permission from the instructor.)

REQUIREMENTS: All Intermediate/Advanced classes require instructor approval to participate. We recommend current/previous enrollment in other AG Silk Technique classes for students interested in attending Silk Drops! class. Additional requirements include…

A.) Strength Prerequisite: To attend Level 3 (Intermediate) classes, at a minimum students must be able to perform ‘AntiGravity’s Intermediate Strength Combo,’ which involves 2 pull-ups, 5-count strong hold, 2 consecutive rock-n-rolls, 1 straight-leg v-up.

B.) Intermediate Skill Prerequisites: Students must understand Level 2 (Beginner) terminology before entering into Level 3 classes.
Silk: 3+ Basic Climbs (French & Russian), Double Foot Locks in the air, Recliner Resting Position, Hip Key w/ straight legs, Giselle Descent.   

C.) Silk Drops Readiness Evaluation: At a minimum, students must be comfortable performing a ‘Single Star Drop’ OR a combination of 3 climbs into an inverted position from a Dead Hang. 

NOTE: To be considered Level 4 (Advanced), students must complete ‘AntiGravity’s Advanced Strength Combo,’ which involves consecutive high-level skills performed confidently at a considerable height. Also, students must understand Level 3 (Intermediate) terminology before Level 4 (Advanced) terminology is introduced.

HULA HOOP  (Tuesdays @ 6:30pm w/ Caitlin Reichel)

Hula Hooping is a combination of acrobatic technique, juggling, balancing skills and dance. Colorful light-weight rings are manipulated to create shapes and demonstrate poses using all parts of the body. The hoop(s) travels from hand to arm to foot, and utilizes the torso and even neck in an assortment of acrobatic tricks, dance choreography & contortion elements. Some skills involve a single hoop, while other sequences incorporate multiple hoops moving in unison. In this class, students will learn basic hooping technique and review flexibility & acrobatic elements. This full-body exercise helps improve coordination & balance, builds core strength, and tones arms, legs & abs. This class is expressive & energetic, while also providing a fun & challenging new way to workout!

Multi-Level Class: This class is appropriate for all levels; no prerequisites required. Adult students age 12+ (students ages 10-11 require permission to attend).

         *NOTE: All new students are recommended to take at least 1 Conditioning class first before attending other levels.