NEW! Pro Gym Announcement

NEW! Pro Gym Announcement

Approved professional athletes & performers only. Ages: 18yrs+

This daytime training session is reserved for expert-level athletes and skilled acrobats to utilize AntiGravity’s specialized equipment in a safe, supervised open gym setting. Professionals may use this time to rehearse acro/ground acts, tricking, stunt fighting, tumbling, etc. AntiGravity’s Power Tumble Track, Air Track, Stunt Crash Pads, Trampoline Wall (pending level of experience), fully matted floor space, and fitness equipment are available to utilize. Responsible usage only; “train at your own risk.” Unsafe or reckless activities are strictly prohibited. *No aerial apparatus or aerial motor use will be allowed during this time.

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is the perfect way to hone in and train on your skills, build technique and grow as an artist in such a encouraging and professional environment. Pro-Open gym is held every Tuesday from 2:15 pm – 4:15 pm and it is a great opportunity for you to connect & train with other professional artists to build a strong foundation for your highlight videos, demo-reels, auditioning, confidence building and more. This daytime training session is reserved for training athletes and skilled acrobats to utilize AntiGravity’s specialized equipment in a safe, supervised open gym setting! Professionals may use this time to rehearse acro/ground acts, tricking, stunt fighting, parkour, cheer tumbling and stunts, etc. on AntiGravity’s Power Tumble Track, Trampoline Wall, stunt crash mats, fully matted floor space and fitness equipment. We look forward to seeing you there this Upcoming Tuesday 😁! (This Tuesday we will be Live Streaming our Pro-open gym training session @ 3pm on both Instagram & Facebook. STAY TUNED!!!) – Ages 18 years + Only Price • $10 for 2 hours when you pay online in advance (link in bio). **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!** $15 at the door. (PLEASE DM US OR @flippingforchrist IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING OPEN GYM) Artist featured in video: @stevenrdgz @flippingforchrist @exclutheonly @mcsweezy @kevin_wolting @its_duey_ @neokeo84 @jmac407 @luis_valladares__ @bcosenza427 @troyroker @theomen1 @kerryadderly @garethnorvellpk @samsquared___ @mr._.fresh04 @maseboogie850 @charch_m @cwick29 @jimmyperreira @nataliebatemann @static_illmatic

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> Tuesdays @ 2:15-4:15pm (starting Sept 1st). 

> $10 for 2 hours (paid online through MindBody before arrival).  *Link on FB & Instagram.

Reservation required + approval by AG Management upon arrival. No refunds. 

Drop-ins (w/out reservation): $15

> All participants must be approved by AG Management to attend. Please request permission from Daniel and/or Isaiah. Upon arrival, guests will be asked a series of questions about their skill level/ strength/ experience/ goals before approval to use specific equipment is granted. Participants will be continually evaluated based on the skills they plan on rehearsing & supervised throughout these sessions.

> All participants must physically sign appropriate liability waivers & participation agreement 

(which will include extra rules specifically related to Pro Open Gym). A MindBody account will be created for each attendee through the AG Front Desk, which is our system used for taking payments and scheduling events.

> By entering AG Facility, all individuals agree to comply with AG ‘COVID-19 ACTION PLAN: SAFETY GUIDELINES & SANITIZATION PROTOCOL. Please review before arriving:

> Approved Activities: Participants agree to attempt only skills they are comfortable performing with little/no spotting and no personalized instruction from staff. Please warm-up properly and utilize only known safe practices within industry standards (such as gymnastics technique, fitness/conditioning, acrobatics). AG Safety Lead and Front Desk staff will supervise, monitoring individuals that are currently working to refine their craft & improve their physical abilities as established professionals. All props and equipment use must be approved, including requests to utilize personally owned equipment (especially limited due to COVID-19 Guidelines). Learning brand new skills in new areas outside your expertise are restricted to controlled situations through management approval. Safety is always our #1 priority!

> Daytime Notification: Please be aware that the environment during non-class hours tends to be more “adult in nature.” Participants may choose to play music of choice (explicit) and rehearse choreography that may not be suitable for minors. Creative projects, facility improvements & artistic construction also takes place during daytime hours and must be safely avoided by guests. Additionally, a variety of Social Media Projects are worked on simultaneously during Pro Open Gyms. Anyone present should be aware that footage collected during training sessions may be published without notice.

> All normal facility policies apply to Pro Open Gym sessions as well. Please see Front Desk for full list of rules & guidelines. Also, refer to receipt emails for more important info & communication from AG. 

> Contact & Questions:  For more info or requests for approval, please reach out via phone or text.               Daniel (Director): 321-402-9142. Isaiah (Safety Lead): 302-399-0980. Johnny (Safety Monitor): 305-773-3371. Ali (Front Desk / Payments): 321-262-6249.