Aerial Bartending

A captivating & sophisticated addition to any event! This novelty act provides ambient entertainment to guests as the aerialist serves champagne while suspended upside-down from an assortment of aerial structures or apparatus that AntiGravity offers, including Hammock, Trapeze, Lyra, Silk, Harness, Net, etc. Audiences will be mesmerized by AntiGravity’s talented artists as they interact with guests. This sort of entertainment is the perfect option for a wedding or party, providing a decorative and effective performance element that guests will never forget! Aerial Bartending also offers an unexpected enhancement to corporate functions, celebrations or other professional gatherings. Aerial Bartending can be performed indoors or outdoors on AntiGravity’s Freestanding Aerial Rig or by attaching the aerial apparatus of choice to a fixed or motorized aerial point depending on the venue capabilities and ceiling height. AntiGravity riggers will advice upon inquiry.