AntiGravity Boots Team

This explosive act features AntiGravity Boots, also known as “jumping stilts.” AG Boots offer an innovative form of extreme pogo stick on stilts, allowing performers to propel themselves 15 feet in midair as they jump and flip. AntiGravity Boots can be performed either as a choreographed act for 5-7 minute using high-energy music, OR performed as ‘ambiance-style entertainment’ in which the performers jump, stroll & interact with crowds for a lengthened period of time. The boots are extremely agile, allowing performers to run through a crowd, jump off a stage and tumble on the pavement, creating an energetic atmosphere for any event. This original AG act was featured at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremonies, got a standing ovation from Michael Jackson and the music industry in Radio City Music Hall at the MTV Video Music Awards with P. Diddy and most famously at the Obama Inauguration.