Gravitron Act (2 or 4 performers)

This whimsical ground-based act utilizes our one-of-a-kind spinning apparatus called the Gravitron. This innovative ground-based setup provides the illusion of flight, allowing acrobats to perform dynamic aerial-like skills even when aerial rigging is not available. This exciting act can feature either 2 or 4 females interacting within and on top of the spinning structure, as they create exquisite shapes with skilled synchronized movement. An aerial hoop or silk hammock can also be attached to a point in the center of the Gravitron, adding another unexpected aerial twist to the performance. This unique and versatile apparatus, coupled with our expressive team of aerialists, will impress any audience!

LED Option: The entire Gravitron sculpture is embellished with LED lights that glow in colorful and mesmerizing patterns, making this the perfect act for events needing additional creative lighting.