Starz Audition

Starz Audition

To apply, please read and follow the directions for NEW teammates below. Deadline to submit video for 2020 Fall Season:  Friday Sept. 18, 2020. 

> Accepted students will be placed in one of three STARZ class levels, each requiring 3 specific weekly training hours plus 1 exclusive STARZ choreography class per week (Thursday evening availability is preferred; schedule details TBA). Ages 10-18 yrs.

> Video submission required to apply. All videos must be received by Fri. Sept. 18 via flash drive, WhatsApp or email: (Paperwork to follow as part of application).

> New teammates announced: Wed. Sept. 23rd. New season begins the week of Oct. 5th. 

> ‘Mandatory Group Meeting’ will be scheduled for BOTH students + parents on Thursday Oct. 8th @ 6pm. Missing this meeting will disqualify you from Starz Fall Season. 

Video Requirements + Directions:  3 parts 

  (A.) AERIAL FOOTAGE:  Please videotape 1 minute of class-based footage on each of the 3 standard apparatus, including silk, lyra & hammock. Students should simply film their favorite skills in a continuous sequence, highlighting their best assets in a safe and artistic manner. All skill levels will be considered for separate levels within this program. Multiple videos may be sent, with up to 5 minutes total footage. Footage must be current; filmed within the previous 90 days. (Please no staged/show/professional videos or costumes.)

  (B.) STREGNTH DEMO:  Please videotape the following strength skills: at least 2 pull-ups, 5-count strong hold, 2 rock-n-rolls, and 2 straight-leg v-ups (AKA: ‘Level-up Combo’). Preferably performed consecutively to the best of your ability. *Note: This strength requirement will not be a disqualifier for new students wishing to apply. Students may use modifications such as a wrist wrap or by breaking down each skill into more simplified parts.

  (C.) INTRODUCTION:  Additionally, please videotape yourself stating full name and description of aerial experience, whether it has been at AntiGravity or elsewhere. (This can be included with in one of your other videos.)

Additional Application Policies:  AG Management may not help students with video material (including Heather, Sarah, Daniel). 

Curriculum: This program focuses on preparing students to perform professionally, which includes physical training, creative work-shopping and informational forums. Applicants will be assessed based on age, technical training, performance experience, physical strength, technique, commitment and overall talent & potential. AntiGravity’s STARZ Team performs at special promo events, student shows and receives unique opportunities to participate in creative projects not normally open to regular students. This program challenges our most talented and dedicated students to reach their highest potential.

For questions: See Front Desk during business hours or email or schedule an appointment to meet with Heather or Sarah.