Silk Workshop w/ Sarah Romanowsky

Silk Workshop w/ Sarah Romanowsky

Silk Workshop w/ Sarah Romanowsky

Saturday January 14, 2023 @ 3-4:30pm
Upper Level: Intermediate/Advanced Silk Technique
Int/Adv Level Prerequisites: At a minimum, students should be able to confidently perform the skills listed below:
  • Ability to safely execute a double star
  • Ability to spend at least 1 min in the air
  • AntiGravity’s Level-Up Combo (2 pull-ups, 4-count strong hold, 2 consecutive rock-n-roll inverts, 1 v-up unassisted)
Wear: Fitted clothing that fully covers the waist & backs of the knees. Nothing loose that can get knotted up in the silks. Bring: Rosin if needed (no sticky spray please).
Enrollment: SIGN-UP BEGINS JAN 1ST THROUGH MINDBODY. Limited capacity of 12 students max.

WORKSHOP FOCUS: Drops & Sequences

Sequences are the foundation of strong vocabulary & movement quality on silks. Drops are not only thrilling to watch & perform, but also provide the opportunity to develop & refine silks technique. In this workshop, we will marry sequences & drops for the ultimate challenge to the silks students looking for both intricate & dynamic choreography for their next routine!

More details… This workshop will explore upper-level silk sequences featuring a variety of unique stacking moves, big drops, spin combos and other dynamic tricks meant to impress audiences. Take your silk technique and act choreography to the next level by challenging yourself in this advanced silk workshop!

  Registered AG Students: $100 (1.5 hrs)
  Non-Registered Guests: $125* (1.5 hrs)

*Registration Fee: Non-Registered Students (individuals that have never paid the $25 AG Registration Fee) are required to pay higher Workshop price which includes the cost of the AG Registration Membership. As an AG Registered Student, you will receive discounted rates for all future Workshops as part of the AG Registration Membership (as well as lower pricing for Drop-in Classes & Class Pass Packages, if you choose to attend one or more weekly classes in the future).