Duo Straps Workshop with Chris Williams

Duo Straps Workshop with Chris Williams

duo strap workshop with chris williams


Aerial Straps are a thin, web-like aerial apparatus used for solo acrobatic tricks similar to gymnastic rings. The apparatus can also be used for Aerial Partnering choreography, which will be the focus of this Workshop. First, students will warm-up and review fundamental aerial skills on the straps to condition and in preparation to be paired up to fly together. Students will learn basic solo poses & wraps while building strength & control, and progressing into more intricate choreography as they develop trust, communication & the mechanics of partnering with classmates.

NOTE: Partner is NOT required to attend, but very welcome! Discount is available for couples that sign-up together (see pricing on flyer above).

LEVEL:  Multi-Level (Minimum of Intermediate-Level is recommended for all students, basic aerial experience is required to learn partnering choreography)


PREREQUISITES:  Students should be able to hold their own body weight in the air and confidently invert (Strength Requirement: 2 pull-ups, 4-count strong hold, 2 rock-n-roll inversions)

QUESTIONS: Contact Front Desk at 407-507-3943